Fortuna Nutrition Energized Aminos Peach Mango 360g - 40 servings

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Energized Aminos Peach Mango 360g - 40 servings


Energy Pre-Workout is a delicious training drink combining twelve free-form Amino Acids plus an Energy Blend to help you train longer with energy and focus! You can take this product on both training and non-training days for energy, endurance, and muscle recovery. You can use this anytime for any occasion. Not only will you get increased energy, but the Amino Blend contains BCAAs and essential amino acids to build and maintain lean muscle.

  • 12 BCAAs- 5000mg blend including leucine proven to activate a pathway in the body that stimulates muscle protein synthesis, which is the process of making and increasing muscle size.
  • Energized Aminos help reduce Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS), which may last up to 72 hours.
  • Fast-acting energy and focus blend to help you maximize your workout, recover quickly, and reduce fatigue.
  • Taking BCAAs can prevent the breakdown of protein and muscle wasting.
  • BCAAs are not only for athletes but can also aid those suffering from cirrhosis.

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